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Ograda Type Co. is an independent digital & wood type foundry and design practice from Runcu, Romania.

Founded by Andrei Ogradă in 2017, it offers the best possible type services in retail & custom typefaces, lettering or calligraphy.

Andrei Ogradă has graduated from the hotel business into print production, advertising, and traveling, all while finding his own way about graphic design, lettering, calligraphy & type design.

Type is something that has been to some extent always present in his life, so the natural course of opening a foundry seemed obvious. Thank you for being a part of this journey.


I design custom to your brand. Offer language support where it needs expanding. And design different styles and weights for your font.

Fac design personalizat pentru marca ta. Ofer suport lingvistic acolo unde este necesar. Și proiectez diferite stiluri și greutăți pentru fontul tău.


I offer typograhic perspective consultancy for your brand. Either a new identity or revisiting an existing one, I can help with design.

Ofer servicii de consultanță tipografică pentru marca ta. Fie o nouă identitate, sau o reîmprospătare a uneia deja existente, te pot ajuta cu designul.


Editorials, book covers, skate decks, murals, you name it; or you just need a nice written cardboard to sell your old stuff? You’re in luck!

Editoriale, copertă de carte, punți de skate, murale, pe care le numiți; sau ai nevoie doar de un carton scump pentru a vinde lucruri vechi? Ai noroc!


Wedding invitations, diplomas or you just want to tell someone, in a nice and respectable manner to move along? Just reach out!

Invitații la nuntă, diplome sau vrei doar să-i spui frumos cuiva, într-un mod cât mai respectabil, să se miște? Dă un semn!

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