OTC Mara

OTC Mara is a softer way of saying hawaiian lumberjack from a Romanian town somewhere inbetween the mountains and the sea.
In its own way it is also me paying tribute to Oswald Bruce Cooper (Cooper Black) & Eleisha Pechey (Windsor).

The typeface is a heavy serif intended for display use.
One style: Bold.
Stylistic alternates.
Language support for: Basic Latin, Western, Central & Eastern European languages.

Cyrilic and Greek in development. If interested in any of these two scripts, please get in touch.

Wine & dine kinda type.

Soft, amicable & almost no straight lines.

Can hold a conversation.

Can be playful.

Wide set of characters. Mara is learning cyrilic too!

Desktop License

OTC Mara
Individual Style

Number of Users → Price
1-3 → €32
4-7 → €64
8-12 → €128
13-18 → €192
19-25 → €256

Web License

OTC Mara
Individual Style

Page views per month → Price50.000 → €32
500.000 → €128
5.000.000 → €256
50.000.000 → €512
500.000.000 → €1024

E-mail for your License.

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