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Identity and leaflet created by Koeper Herfurth, using OTC Hitomi34, for Dortmund Kreativ. A team from the City of Dortmund that actively looks after the interests of the creative industries.

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Photos © Koeper Herfurth

FOI is a magazine about the people behind every book. It is a catalogue of Cele Mai Frumoase Cărți din România competition‘s winning editorial designs of each year.
The second issue is using OTC Hitomi34 on the cover and for the chapter titles.

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Photos © Uanna / Redacția Foi / Punch / Fabrik

Event programme celebrating the work of the Romanian pianist, composer and conductor Constantin Silvestri. In the spirit of Anglo-Romanian cultural links, the design uses the Romanian typeface OTC Monoblocks & English typeface Baskerville.

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Photos & graphics © Atelier Works


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