OTC Monoblocks

OTC Monoblocks is an exercise in describing letters using a few basic shapes in a limited environment.
An experimental monospaced digital typeface that could also become a good wood type system toy.
Addressed to the child within that could get to play again with & make its own letters based on the 3x3 grid.

Its intended use is for display, play, editorial, or it could do nicely in branding too.
One style: Monospaced.
Stylistic alternates.
Language support for: Basic Latin, Western, Central & Eastern European languages.

Some glyphs were rather challenging to design.
For example the hash sign (#).

Features a few alterantes. Small characters and Capitals share the same space.

Inspired in part by the rigidity of bus’ mechanical display boards it shares the limitations of shape variations with, trying to make the best of a given situation, take the 8 as an example.

They’re meant to be played with.

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